Assessing Reading Performance
with real bio markers

Making the invisible, visible

1 in 5 children in the world has a problem when reading. And yet, almost none has a comprehensive visual examination.

Okimo is a startup that has developed a desktop-based app that uses eye movement data to assess Reading Performance in a way that has never been done before.

80% of what we learn comes through our Visual System. However, traditional methods of assessing Reading and Visual skills do not consider visual acquisition and processing even though they are one of the biggest barriers to learning. We want to change that.

Screening children worldwide

We are currently running pilot studies in partnership with organizations, governments and schools that want to test our technology and be able to track children's Visual and Reading Performance with real biomarkers and biometric data. We have already screened 400 children in 5 South American schools to see and learn better.

If your organization, school or department is interested in running a Visual and/or Reading Screening Pilot with us, please contact us.