Vision and Reading Screening

For every kid who is learning to read.

Parents Parents

Learn how your child´s eyes move from word to word while he reads and what is exactly happening during the process. With our eye tracking technology this is possible in just 3 minutes. Book a screening test now.

Schools & Education Centers Schools & Education Centers

Vision affects learning and that´s why visual skills and reading screenings are a must have tool for the school. Learn more about how we can help you comply with screening regulations and monitor pupils with special educational needs.

Behavioural Optometrists Behavioural Optometrists

Bring your practice into the digital era. Meet the first revolutionary yet easy way to measure and monitor eye movements and visual tracking disorders.

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How specially tinted glasses helped a girl to fix her reading problems

How specially tinted glasses helped a girl to fix her reading problems

I sometimes have the good fortune of seeing some very special patients in my Behavioural Optometry practice. This was the case of a 15 years old girl that I reviewed recently. Two years ago, she and her mum arrived at my practice referred by her optometrist who suspected a problem following a “normal” sight test because she was […]

What it feels like seeing the world flat

What it feels like seeing the world flat

The whole story starts when my grandparents realized that my left eye was turning in very often. They were a little concerned about mentioning that to my mum, and weren’t sure how she would take it. However, time passed and they decided to gain some courage and tell her. My mother´s first reaction was of […]

Why early screening matters

Why early screening matters

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We all take our children for pediatric visits and we all make sure they perform all of the routinary screenings and tests. It is a parent´s and society job to prevent our children from a poor development. It´s not an easy job, and many times it is almost imposible to spot a problem early enough […]

Our experts

Meet our team of Vision Development Specialists

Rosa García

Director of Consciencia Visual Visual Therapy Center and Behavioural Optometrist with many years of experience in Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Visual Disorders. Bachelor in Optics and Optometry Madrid University, Masters in Developmental Optometry, San Diego California.  Madrid, Spain.

- Rosa García
Bhavin Shah

Behavioural Optometrist, specialized in Vision Therapy, Binocular Vision and Vision Related Reading Difficulties. Director/CEO of Central Vision Opticians. London, UK

- Bhavin Shah
Geoff Shayler

Behavioural Optometrist. Specialises in Vision Therapy, Traumatic Brain Injury and Syntonics. Director Shaylers Vision Centre. City University London. Wareham, Dorset UK

- Geoff Shayler
Chris Young

Behavioural Optometrist, Director at Young Clinic Ltd. Specialises in Vision Therapy and Ocular Coherence Tomography. City University London. Bath, UK

- Chris Young
Felisa Shokida

M.D. Ophthalmology, Specialises in Ocular Motion and Strabismus. Satellite member Smith Kettewell Eye Research Institute. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- Felisa Shokida
Horacio Garcia

M.D. M.S.c Neurophysiology, Specialist in Neuro Opthalmology. Sattellite member of the Smith Kettewell Eye Research Institute. Buenos Aires, Argentina

- Horacio Garcia